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Competitive Expectations / Requirements

  • All competitors must demonstrate a high level of commitment to dance and to attend all classes regularly.  Please check with teachers regarding practice and competitive schedules before booking trips. It is difficult to have competitive dancers away for more than one week during March and April due to final changes in choreography before competitions.  Dancers may not be able to compete in a competition if they have missed a number of practices.

  • Competition is a bonus event and teachers reserve the right to pull dancers who are not fulfilling responsibilities.  A student may be asked to leave the group if they miss more than 3 practices during the competitive year.  This also applies in cases of illness or injury.   No refunds will be given. The period between March 20th until the last competition of the season will be considered a‘blackout” period and any absence from technique or competitive classes may result in being pulled from the competitive number. 

  • It is mandatory that all competitors partake in ADAPT and RAD examinations or presentation classes (except hip hop, contemporary, & acro students).

  • Teachers choose costumes, concepts, music, props and choreography to best suit the students involved and to attain the best possible results in competitions.

  • When registering, parents and dancers must be ready to endorse or stand-by these decisions.  Positive energy transmitted by all involved is crucial to the team’s success.

  • Deposits will not be refunded unless group does not move forward.

  • Students may not reproduce, use or teach material taught at EDA without written permission of the director.

  • No student shall participate, perform or train at another establishment without written permission of the director.

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