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Welcome to Extrava Danse Academy

The Hélène Tassie School of Dance and later Académie Extrava Danse have been a part of the community of Rockland for over 35 years. Dance is a complex and technically challenging art form. Sending your child to a qualified teacher is important to their health and safety. Our bilingual teachers are proud to offer professional and recreational dance training from pre-school age through to adults, including creative movement class for 3 ½ to 4 ½ year olds. Extrava Danse has a positive and welcoming environment with a qualified team of instructors that challenge and motivate each student.

Extrava Danse is a recognized Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers (A.D.A.P.T.) school and a registered Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) school.  Our mission is to deliver quality training and performing in a positive, and welcoming space by instilling safe dance practice, teamwork, and respect through proper discipline to encourage dancers to achieve their personal best. Through a graded syllabus students are encouraged to achieve their goals and gain confidence and poise. Our syllabus has been carefully developed to ensure a steady progression from one level to the next.

The professional studio boasts sprung dance floors, mirrors, and an online Boutique for all your dance needs. The fall term begins each September. The winter term begins each January. This term involves the final preparation for the year end recital. New students are accepted at this time is spaces are available.  Instructors can evaluate new students for proper placement in appropriate class level.

We also offer summer programs for all ages; including day camps for ages 4 ½ to 12 as well as evening classes.


Please visit our Classes page to see the many dance classes we offer. You can also visit our Registration page to see our current registration dates and procedures. 

  Hélène Tassie, Director

Hélène Tassie; Owner, Director. RAD RTS.

Mrs. Hélène Tassie,  the Director of Extrava Danse Academy, is a well established dance teacher, choreographer, wife and mother of four boys. Hélène’s passion for dance started at the age of three and continues today. She graduated with Highly Commended in her Royal Academy of Dance teacher’s diploma and has been teaching in Rockland since 1981. Enjoying her role as Teaching supervisor and mentor for the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.), Hélène has established a professional, enriching, and successful reputation in the community. Some of her most recent successes include having students accepted with the Grand Ballet Canadien’s “École Supérieure” and to the prestigious Ryerson and York Universities, in the Faculty of Arts.


Hélène’s choreographies have won many overall awards in dance competitions. Artistry, imagination, proper skills and making learning the discipline of dance fun are her main focus. Working with a motivated, inspiring faculty of teachers, her goal is to strive to make each student feel important and successful.

Marcel Tassie; Co-Director. RAD RTS, (Hons) BADE. ADAPT Cert.

M. Marcel is a bilingual certified A.D.A.P.T and RAD teacher, Marcel began dancing when he was four in Rockland, Ontario. His core training was taught by Helene Tassie, Lucy Lemay, Carolyn Madge and Jean Neveu. Marcel presents a solid understanding of the dance industry and its demands as he has been an R.A.D and A.D.A.P.T student for 20 years. At the age of 16, he began contemporary dance training with professional dancer Lana Morton.

At age 18, he entered the prestigious Ryerson University Theatre School, where he continued his extensive training in Ballet, Modern and Jazz, and was taught by Nadia Potts, Karen Duplisea, and Vicky St-Denys. The Ryerson University Theatre School offered him many opportunities such as; performing in pieces by Pamela Rasbach, Julia Aplin and Vicky St-Denis, as well as, dancing professionally for The Dance Company and The Uxbridge Dance Academy, where he was able to learn repertoire works such as The Nutcracker and modern choreography like Endangered Species by Danny Grossman. After finishing his Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), Marcel completed his Honors Bachelors of Arts in Dance Education ((Hons) BADE) through the RAD’s Faculty of Education which is accredited by the University of Bath in the UK. Having been taught by various faces in the Dance Industry, such as Maureen Consolati, Louis Laberge-Côté and Tanya Evidente, Marcel has acquired great experience in the performing arts, and is excited to pass on his knowledge and passion to his students. Marcel is currently undertaking his Masters Degree in Dance Education (MA Dance Education).

Kamay Jones RAD RTS, ADAPT Cert. ADTA Cert.

Kamay’s dance career began in Rockland, Ontario at the age of 3 under the teaching of Helene Tassie, Carolyn Madge, Lucy Cellucci and Jean Neveu. Her enthusiasm and confidence have enabled her to attain her Royal Academy of Dance Advanced 1 ballet certification, and her ADAPT Intermediate Jazz and Tap certificates; graded “Highly Commended Plus” in tap.


While completing 3 years of studies at the University of Ottawa for Health Sciences, Kamay began her teaching career and attended Teacher’s Training School with ADAPT. Becoming a bilingual certified ADAPT teacher was only the first step as she continued her education with the Royal Academy of Dance and Acrobatique becoming a certified teacher in 4 disciplines. She regularly attends conventions, workshops and classes to maintain and continue her dance teacher training.


Ms Kamay’s energetic personality and positive approach to teaching motivate and engage all of her students as they grow and learn through a lifetime of dance.

Kamay’s bubbly personality and positive approach to teaching both motivate and engage her students.

Venessa Goulet

Venessa’s passion for dance started at age three, when she started her training with: Mme Tassie, Miss Lemay, Jean Neveu and Mme. Marcil, now her co-workers. After dancing Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop for many years, Venessa decided to direct her energy and love for dance towards teaching young Hip Hop students.

With her high energy and fun approach she hopes to build confidence and character within her students while giving them the freedom to create and develop their own style and personality.


Education: University graduate

Jean Neveu; ADAPT Cert.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Jean began his training here in 1991 and pursued it further in Toronto at Ryerson University, where he performed for choreographers such as Timothy Spain and Danny Grossman. After leaving Toronto, he returned home and continued his education with Le Groupe Dance Lab. During this period, he danced as a soloist at the N.A.C. for “Dance Advance” as well as other venues within Canada.

Jean is an accredited dance educator with A.D.A.P.T. (Associated Dance Arts for Pofessional Teachers) in both Tap and Jazz and a full member of B.A.T.D. (British Association of Teachers of Dancing) in Jazz. He continues to adjudicate, choreograph and teach.

Martine Boivin; Ba, B.ed, ADAPT & ADTA Cert.

Miss Martine’s dance career started at the age of 6 at the Extrava  Danse Academy. She was trained by Helene Tassie, Lucy Cellucci, Jean Neveu, Kamay Jones, Élise Marcil and Marcel Tassie. During her 13 years as a dance student, she completed up to her Royal Academy of Dance Advanced 1 exam with Distinction and has reached Intermediate ADAPT in Jazz and Pre-Intermediate in Tap. Her love and Passion for dance has pushed her to attend the three-year ADAPT teacher training program and receive her certificate in jazz and tap teaching. Miss Martine is currently working towards an Acrobatique Teacher Certification. Martine has won numerous dance competitions and continues to win awards for her choreographies. Martine is still one of our Hip Hop competitive dancers.


This year, she will complete her degree with a double major in psychology and second language teaching at the University of Ottawa. Her aspiration is to enter Teacher’s College in September 2017 and eventually become a school teacher.


Miss Martine’s passion for dance, high energy, and positive teaching approach allow her student to be motivated and become the best dancers they can be.

Sophie Lavoie; Ba, B.ed, ADAPT & ADTA Cert.

Passionate about dance since the age of 4, Sophie has trained in Rockland at Extrava Danse Academy in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary. Being taught by Hélène Tassie, Jean Neveu, Kamay Jones, Lucy Lemay and Marcel Tassie, she was able to learn a solid repertoire of styles and choreography which enabled and inspired her to pursue her teaching career. Sophie progressed through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the ADAPT (Association of Dance Arts for Professional Teachers) syllabi allowing her to complete her Advanced 2 exam in Classical Ballet with distinction and her Advance Jazz and Tap exams. She also had the opportunity to participate in workshops offered by the ballet Master Alexander Vetrov from the Bolshoi Ballet Company and in workshops with Master Igor Petrov from the Russia Kirov Ballet where Master Petrov has choreographed a Ballet solo from the Nutcracker repertoire for Miss Sophie, which she performed during the 2013 production of The Nutcracker.


Now a bilingual certified ADAPT teacher and on her way to become a certified Acrobatic dance Instructor, Miss Sophie teaches Ballet, Jazz, tap and acrobatic along her studies at the University of Ottawa. Her positive and energetic approach to her teaching ensures that students achieve their personal best and always leave the studio with a smile. Her motivation, her liveliness, and her leadership bring a vibrant addition to the EDA family making every student feel proud and happy. For Miss Sophie, dancing is a way of expressing one's self, and to teach dance allows her to share and transmit her passion to students of all ages.

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