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Dance Sport-Study Program

Extrava Danse Academy is proud to offer a partnership with École Secondaire Catholique L’escale by offering a sport-study program in dance!


Students enrolled at L’École Catholique L’escale have the opportunity to earn credits and further their dance training at EDA by enrolling in the sport-Study program. Upon acceptance into this program, students will increase their training by leaving the school and dancing in the afternoon during school hours.  Students must maintain a minimum academic average in order for them to remain in the program and will be guided academically by school tutors and counselors. This program offers the serious dancer a more in-depth curriculum that will focus students into the examination and competitive route in order for them to perfect their level of technique. This program strives to instill the passion of dance into each student while maintaining a healthy school-life balance.

Please email for more information regarding this program.

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